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 3D Modeling & CAD : Torque ShowTool Pro v1.04 With Patch

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PostSubyek: 3D Modeling & CAD : Torque ShowTool Pro v1.04 With Patch   Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:33 am

Torque ShowTool Pro v1.04 || 10.1 MB
Torque ShowTool Pro - TST Pro is a 3D visualization tool for the Torque
Game Engine. It helps artists and programmers inspect their game art
for aesthetic and technical accuracy by simulating the in-game
environment, and providing easy access to behind-the-scenes structures. "Picking up the Torque
ShowTool Pro is a no-brainer. It has already saved us hundreds of times
the cost of purchase in increased productivity." - Joe Maruschak, Creative Director, BraveTree Productions

The Torque ShowTool Pro is a must-have development tool for every single team and individual working with the Torque Game Engine. Programmers and artists can:
• View a shape's material details and mesh with the click of a button
• Inspect Nodes and joint structures using easy to understand visualization tools
• Quickly verify a shape's lighting and shading characteristics using a wide variety of rendering modes
• Analyze a shape's performance set-up by visualizing triangle faces and strips quickly and efficiently
• Examine a shape's collision meshes in detail
• Dynamically adjust and review levels-of-Detail and mip-mapping
• Combine and review animations
• And much more!

short, every aspect of your DTS shapes can be thoroughly examined in
more detail than ever before. Shapes are viewed exactly as they will be
used in-game... all without needing to load your actual game!

"Torque ShowTool Pro is simply the best tool for any Torque
artist. Besides all the incredible features, Mac support is a huge
plus. With TST Pro, I can just keep the icon in my Dock and launch it
whenever I need to view shapes and animations-- just launch and go.
Best of all, I can keep all of my art production completely on my Mac."
- Danny Ngan


3D View
• Capable of loading multiple DTS objects into their own view. DSQ files may be loaded individually or through a standard .cs file to import multiple animation sequences at once. A list of the last five loaded objects is available for quick reloading.
• Multiple rendering
formats: textured shaded, untextured shaded, flat shaded, textured
wireframe, front face wireframe, wireframe, vertices, bounding boxes,
and triangle strips.
• In addition to the perspective view, a number of orthographic views are available.
• Any loaded object may be mounted onto any other object using any node. Includes correct orientation for TGE vehicle wheels.
• Levels of detail may be manually selected or automatically determined as they would in-game.
• User selectable bitmap for environmental mapping.
• Background may be a solid color or a loaded bitmap. A snapshot of a game's level could be used.
• Object bounding boxes, collision meshes, and line of sight collision meshes may all be rendered.

The light source may be moved around with the mouse in a
'trackball'-like fashion, or turned off for unobstructed viewing of the
applied textures.

Materials and Texturing
• The current mip
map level may be changed at any time with a key press. Mip mapping may
also be turned off by locking the current mip map in place.
• Textures may be flushed and reloaded with a key press. They may also be reloaded automatically on a user defined interval.
• All DTS material properties are displayed.
• Activate the TGE's reskinning code to change a loaded shape's textures, such as for different team uniforms.

Animation Sequences
• Animation
sequences may be played forwards or backwards at a user defined time
scale. The sequences may also be scrubbed through using the animation time slider.
• Multiple animation threads may be layered with full blend support.
• All animation sequence parameters may be viewed, including a list of controlled nodes and defined triggers.

Shape Structural Views

All nodes and their parent/child links may be shown. When a node is
selected, its world or local position and rotation are shown along with
a graphical representationof the node's axis.
• If a node controls a mesh's vertices, they are rendered with color coding indicating their weighting.
• View the hierarchical structure of an exported DTS object using a number of methods. Useful for debugging a shape.
• See the rendering structure of your object at each detail level to determine the order the meshes will be drawn in.
• View the rendering order of BSP-based sorted meshes to check that pieces are not overlapping inappropriately.

• Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP System Specs
• Pentium II 300 with 64 MB RAM
• OpenGL 1.3 compatible 3D graphics accelerator
• 5 MB disk space
• 800x600 display resolution

Homepage -


Download:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

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3D Modeling & CAD : Torque ShowTool Pro v1.04 With Patch
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