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 Over powering a mass iggy program

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PostSubyek: Over powering a mass iggy program   Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:25 am

Over powering a mass iggy program

Alright I have seen alot of ppl that think there lame mass iggy
programs can't be touched or stopped this is not true. I am going to
list you a few ways to take control of mass iggy programs and believe
it or not it is rather simple today.

In most case's a mass iggy program can be over thrown by names useing
voice dominance. Yes some mass iggy programs have this already built in
but it is not untouchable do the following. I preffer to use these 3
clients to do it. I use super vox, Yaheliete with yahvox domination,
and ymlite with vcguard backing it up. First wait until you can take
the mic with your name under supervox. Once this is done simple lock
the mic with ymlite and iggy your name on super vox, the same goes for
the name on yaheliete when you step up with it. Now this does 3 things.
This will take away all of his or her listners, and lock the mic down
so hard that there is nothing he can do any more. After you have your
name on the other 2 clients voice ignore ur name useing supervox, turn
on the voice lags. An force him to shut down his mass iggy program.
Even with protection from voice lags this will eventually get through
to him. Here are some other ways.

Crashing is mass iggy the old school way By Scarecrow

Alright This Method Has Been Tested And Works , But Depending On The
Users Connection , Amount Of Bots & Amount Of Lagg They Are Having
On Their Pc At Any Given Moment Due To Voicing Their Bots ..

1st - Log Around 5 - 10 Accounts In The Room
( The More The Faster This Trick Works )
{ Doesn't Matter What Client's I Use Em All }

2nd - Start Randomly Getting Voice On The Accounts
( By This I Mean Log 1 Account Onto Voice And As Soon As It Connects,
Disconnect From Voice And Log Another One Of the Accounts Onto
Voice And Disconnect It the Same Way , Basically If You Keep Doing This
With Enough Accounts After Maybe 5 To 10 Mins It Causes Their Mass
Iggy's Ignore List To Crash , Basically It Stops Adding Names To Their
List )

{ Bam Now EveryOne Else Is Still On Iggy And Their Bots Will Give You
The Listeners, Now As I Said This Takes A Lil Time If They Are On A
Fast Connection And Don't Have Many Bots In Room - But Lets Say The
User Has 100 Bots On Voice And Is Running A Slower Connection You Can
Basically Use Their Bots To Talk All Over Them }

Hope This Helps I Know It Works For Me

The other way is the simplest just use 3 chat clients with voice
domination. Such as superspy, elite chat, and yahelite with yah vox
domination and shut them up. Enjoy folks and up my Karma some if your
like my tips and tricks.

Also one you have the mic locked with 3 names useing a strong voice
dominance there is nothing they can do to get it back unless you give
them the mic back..... I have tested this my self. I hope you all
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Over powering a mass iggy program
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