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 Hosting you're own TELNET chat

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PostSubyek: Hosting you're own TELNET chat   Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:27 am

Ever want
to have a secure chat with friends? Possibly something to hide? When
realizing that you're conversations on AIM MSN etc. are in no way
private, these companies say that you're conversations can be stored on
mainframes, and in some cases be evidence to crime. This is perhaps why
you might want to set up a telnet chat. These are unique, because
you're the host, and you can invite you're friends to join you're chat,
realizing that you must be careful as they will connect to you're IP.
Anyway, here's how one would set up a telnet chat:

1. Download STChat here:

2. Extract the folder to C:/
(so the folder will be stc-0_16)

3. Open up notepad, and paste the following:

@echo off
CD C:/stc-0_16
java stc 22

4. Save it as a .bat file where ever you want. For example, I saved mine as initiate.bat as in initiating hosting the chat.

5. Run the .bat file. Now, you can 'telnet 22' where is you're IP. If you don't know what you're IP is, open up
the command prompt (windows XP start>run>cmd. Type ipconfig.

And you're done, you are currently hosting you're chat. This should be
a secure chat for you and you're friends to discuss whatever. It's kind
of neat too.
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Hosting you're own TELNET chat
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