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 Bypass Windows Media Player 11 Validation.

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PostSubyek: Bypass Windows Media Player 11 Validation.   Thu Jul 09, 2009 2:28 am

Just follow these simple steps.

1.Download latest version of Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft Website or any other trusted source.

2.Before installing, just disconnect from internet and disable your
local area connection. To do this, right click on Local Area Connection
and click on disable which is in System Tray.

3. Now click on Windows Media Player 11 setup file and follow on screen
instructions. After two or three screens you will get validate screen.
No problem just click on it. It installs.
Note: If you previously browsed internet, just clear all your internet
related data, Just like cookies, history and temporary files etc in
your IE and Firefox. Now restart your system and install. It works
better in Safe Mode but all above steps should be followed.

This trick may or may not work. Sometime it depends with system model and configuration also.

In order to install Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) on a copy Windows, just do as follow:

1/ Download WMP11 from Microsoft or trusted sources.

2/ Install WinRar or 7zip

3/ Right click on the file you have just download, and extract it to a
folder. Just extract it and do not care about the .exe extension.

4/ In the folder you have just extract, you will see wmfdist11.exe and
wmp11.exe. Run wmfdist11.exe and do as instructions on screen. After
that, run wmp11.exe

5/ That's it, you can run WMP 11 on un-genuine or genuine Windows
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Bypass Windows Media Player 11 Validation.
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